About Us

Wassup brah! We started UglyAlohaShirts.com started to dress the modern bro in threads so ugly they’re actually cool. Our trendy aloha shirts (Hawaiian shirts if you’re on the Mainland) are made by an exclusive group of designers based in Hawaii, so you know you’re dealing with brofessionals here. We’ve curated our selection with the boldest, brightest, and most brotastic prints on the market to ensure you and your bros stand out from the crowd.

So if you’re the dude that’s bold enough to wear a Friday shirt on a Monday, you’re totally in the right place. Go ahead, start that new side hustle, climb that mountain, and throw that epic party, brah! Life’s too short to care what others think. We’ve got you covered in threads so fun, it’s a party when you’ve got on an #uglyalohashirt.

UglyAlohaShirts.com is a division of AlohaFunWear.com, an online retailer of colorful Aloha attire, based in Honolulu, Hawaii.