February 07, 2019

There are big shirts and then there are BIG shirts. This one is the latter. Every once in a while, someone wants a big ol’ Hawaiian shirt. When we say big, we’re not talking about “plus size” for big-n-tall guys, but truly Kong sized shirts that are bigger than even a sumo wrestler's size.

Why would someone want one this large? Typically, these shirts are ordered to be displayed in a store that sells aloha shirts or beach gear as an attention getter or promotional item. And on at least one occasion, a giant shirt as ordered as a corporate gift in Japan.

These shirts are not stocked since it is so rare that anyone would order one. They come in 2 sizes, "small" (12XL) and "medium" (18XL) and "large (28XL)". Here’s what a normal L shirt looks like next to the 28XL shirt. 

size 28XL aloha shirt compared to a size L


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